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WDS1U4PGE / 1U8PGE OLT, 4/8 ports

    Wodaplug 1U Pizza-Box EPON OLT

WDS 1U4PGE GEPON OLT – 1U rackmount, 4PON ports, Gigabit Ethernet, WEB+CLE+SNMP management 




Wodaplug Pizza-Box OLT series products is 1U high 19 inch rack mount product. The features of the OLT are small, convenient, flexible, easy to deploy, high performance. It is appropriate to deploy in an compact room environment.

The OLT can use for “Triple-Play”, CPN, IP Camera, Enterprise LAN and IOT applications. It is a high performance products. Our products use the best – CORTINA CS8032 Chipset !

Wodaplug WDS1U4PGE provides 4GE and 4 SFP slots interface for uplink, and 4 EPON ports for downstream. It can support 256 ONU under 1:64 splitter ratio.Passive Optical Network ( PON , Passive Optical Network ) consists of an optical line termination ( Optical Line Termination , OLT) at the central side of the network to which is attached a branched structure of optical splitters – splitters . These are connected end optical network unit ( Optical Network Unit , ONU ), most often in a tree , or ring or star topologies . The distance between the OLT and ONU can be up to 20 km .



EPON OLT units WDS1U4PGE are equiped by well known brand chipset Cortina CS8032, therefor wodaplug power and signal level is very high and provide for your future network fast stable conection. Heat rezistance was tested in long time period in real setups and its very good even in temperatures over 40C. Wodaplug  OLT units are equiped with redudant dual powersources, which is very important for reliable non breaking usage!!

Wodaplug Pizza-Box OLT serie is standard sizing for 1U  19″  „rack mount“. Advantages are simple: compact size, easy instalation, management, flexibility and power output. 

Wodpalug OLT are very good when used for  “Triple-Play” applications, CPN, IP kamery, Enterprise LAN networks and IOT apps. Its possible thanks to using newest – CORTINA CS8032 Chipset !

Wodaplug FD1104SN offers 4GE a 4 SFP slots – interface for uplink, and 4 EPON ports for downstream. Supports up to 256 (4*64) ONU in 1:64 splits PLC by passive wodaplug splitters .


Optical netwok behave transparently as smart switch,  VLAN can be configured for each port of end ONU units. Configuration of ONU is easy thanks to preconfigured templates ( 4 and 8 ports OLT units has template management in base version ! !  ) Newly connected ONU unit automaticly downloads configuration from previosely set template (provisioning). Configuration  OLT unit is possible via WEB management or thru supplied EMS configuration software – central management ) based on SNMP (needs mySQL and reqiure additional SW instalation on master managing PC) or by  telnet and CLI (standard command line interface). Wodaplug units supports SNMP (mibs) protocol.


WEB management example : OLT-webmanagement

 Functional Features

  • Support 4 PON ports at most.
  • Support 256 ONU (by 1:64 splitting ratio within 10km).
  • provides 4GE(copper) and 4SFP slots Combo interface for uplink.
  • Layer-two link rate switch.
  • MAC Address Capacity: 16K
  • VLAN supported number:4096
  • ONU auto-detection and registration
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation.
  • Support online upgrading and ONU batch upgrade.
  • Management Interface: Support in-band and out-band management.
  • Management Mode: WEB, CLI, TELNET
  • Dual redundant power supply – 2*220V by default, optional 48V powering (3A psu needed)

Wodaplug 4 and 8 port OLT support templates, so you can configure ONUs based on template management (provisioning)! 

Easy configuration using EMS (mySQL and SNMP based) central management system and standard CLI command line interface!

 Dual Power Supply – two redundant PSUs !! Default configuration is 2*220V, optional 48V psu upon your requets (3A/48V psu needed)


 Appearance and Interface

The FD1104SN 1U high Pizza-Box, can be mounted into the standard 19” rack. Demission of machine frame: 390 mm (Length) x 250 mm (Width) x 44 mm (Height).

Wodaplug WDS1U4PGE EPON has 4 EPON SFP ports, 4GE(copper) and 4SFP slots Combo interface for uplink, 1 console port and 1 GE network management port.










1U 19 inch standard box

1U 19 inch standard box




Uplink Port





10/100/1000M auto-negotiable,RJ45:8pcs

10/100/1000M auto-negotiable,RJ45:8pcs


4 SFP slots(Combo)

8SFP slots(Combo)

PON Port




Physical Interface

SFP Slots

SFP Slots

Connector Type



Max splitting ratio



Management Ports

1*100BASE-TX out band port


PON Port Specification

(Apply to

C-Data PON module)

Transmission Distance


PON port speed

Symmetrical 1.25Gbps


1490nm TX,1310nm RX



Fiber Type

9/125μm SMF

TX Power


Rx Sensitivity


Saturation Optical Power


Management Mode

SNMP, Telnet, CLI management mode.

Management Function

Fan Group Detecting

Port Status monitoring and configuration management;

Layer-2 switch configuration such as Vlan, Trunk ,RSTP,IGMP ,QOS, etc;

EPON management function: ONU authorization, ACL ,QOS ,etc;

Online ONU configuration and management

User management

Alarm management

Layer-two Switch

Support port VLan and protocol Vlan

Support Vlan tag/Untag ,vlan transparent transmission;

Support 4096 VLAN

Support 802.3dd trunk


QOS based on port ,VID,TOS and MAC address

IGMP Snooping

802.x flow control

Port stability statistic and monitoring

EPON Function

Support port-based rate limitation and bandwidth control;

In compliant with IEEE802.3ah Standard

Up to 20KM transmission Distance

Support data encryption, group broadcasting, port Vlan separation , RSTP, etc.

Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA)

Support ONU auto-discovery/Link detection/remote upgrade of software;

Support VLAN division and user separation to avoid broadcast storm;

Support various LLID configuration and single LLID configuration .Different user and different service could provide different QoS by means of different LLID channels.

Support power-off alarm function ,easy for link problem detection

Support broadcasting storm resistance function

Support port isolation between different ports

Support ACL and SNMP to configure data packet filter flexibly

Specialized design for system breakdown prevention to maintain stable system

Support dynamic distance calculation on EMS online

Support RSTP,IGMP Proxy






Power Supply


AC: oct 24, 2014 – 90V~240V,47/63Hz

-48DC (optional)

DC:-36V~-72V / 3A

Power Consumption



Operating Environment

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Relative Humidity




Promo Actions


  • Nová verze SW pro EOC master - v2.4.13b

    Je dostupná aktualizovaná verze SW 2.4.13 pro Wodaplug EOC master jednotky. Image pro snadný upgrade přes WEB rozhraní naleznete v sekci download. Novinkou jsou kompletní management (včetně WiFi a routingu) pro EOC slave s WIFI a vylepšení stability při maximálním zatížení.

  • Nový model zařízení pro Ethernet přes koax a kompatibilita s 200 a 500C/N

    oblíbený model Wodaplug 200 resp. 500C/N se dočkal vylepšeného nástupce! Dle vašich připomínek jsme připravili nový model vylepšený o IP WEB management, zabezpečení a s pokročilými funkcemi - EoC série! Napište si o vzorky, již dostupné! Zpětná kompatibilita s předchozími modely je díky stejnému čipsetu INT74xx bez problémů možná po přehrání firmware! Přečtěte si návod.

  • Wodaplug3 přichází

    Po dlouholetém úspěchu modelů řady Wodaplug2 přichází nový vylepšený model s novým čipem Qualcom Atheros AR7420 – nejnovější chipset pro větší rychlost, větší dosah a nižší energetickou spotřebu. Podpora IPv6 !! Kompatibilita s předchozími modely standardu HomePlugAV je zachována bez omezení (Wodaplug2 200Mb/s a 500Mb/s).

  • Nový firmware a konfigurační utilita Win7 ready pro adaptér Wodaplug 200C/N s čipem INT6400

    Pro majitele oblíbeného Wodaplug 200C/N s čipem INT6400 jsme připravili konečně novou verzi konfigurační utility AVitar s podporou Windows 7 a nový firmware. Každá verze firmware potřebuje odpovídající verzi konfigurační utility AVitar a odpovídající verzi konfiguračního souboru PIB. Čtěte pozorně pokyny pro upgrade. Ke stažení v sekci DOWNLOAD